Team member Ashley Irvine got out for a session on the well known Greenacres Fishery and managed to winkle a nice trio of fish out.
Offering White 16mm Xcelerate pop ups, fished on stiff hinge rigs over a bed of KSC and VNF Food Source Freezer bait, it wasn’t long before they showed up, topped by a lovely 28lb 8oz Sample.

We will let Ash take up the story……….

With the temps on the rise and spring just about to kick off I was really looking forward to my first trip to Greenacres in Peterborough and knowing the big girl could be on the feed made it that much more exciting. With the swims drawn and the rods all sorted I felt confident but I started getting twitchy after the rods had been out for 24 hours without a sniff, so a new plan was needed and with 2 new spots selected and a change of hook baits I settled down for the day. I didn’t have to wait long when one of the repositioned rods was away and after a good scrap I slipped the net under a lovely 19lb mirror. About an hour or so later the other rod was away I instantly knew this was a bigger fish from the weight and the slow plodding. It was a good battle with the fish taking me through 2 sets of snags on its way in but she was mine all 28lb 8oz of hard fighting fat mirror carp. The rest of the day was spent looking and waiting but no more fish came my way through the day. It wasn’t until 4 in the morning that the first rod that produced was away again, with another hit and hold snag fight with this fish but after a bit of cat and mouse through the snags she was mine…. another mint 19lber in all her winter colours. The rod was quickly placed back on the spot with a little KSC and VNF round it and within minutes it was away again! And from the minute I picked the rod up I know this was a big fish! It was more of the same cat and mouse game with the snags with this fish but unfortunately it wasn’t to be and it all went solid and I was left saying some obscene words to the snags! That’s where the action ended on my first trip to Greenacres but I will definitely be back soon, the lake and fish are out of this world and with the big one going 47+ I would be mad not to!.

Roll on spring.