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3-8-18 Ben Birch Soaking it up Italy

The Italian Job

Ben’s European adventure recently took him back into Italy, where he had a score to settle! Our 7 month European adventure has now rounded the corner and we are on a long loop back home. It was therefore with a tinge of sadness that I crossed the Austrian border back into Italy, but with a […]

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One Hell Of A Red Letter Day by Alex Furnell

After finishing work early on a Friday afternoon I was eager to get to my syndicate lake New Forest Waterpark. After getting an update from a mate, ash, I knew that several of the busy swims were already taken and a lump had been out the previous night. I popped into Ringwood Tackle for some […]

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The Secret Lake by Ashley Irvine

Well I don’t really know where to start, but here it goes… My good friend Josh and I had been fishing the secret lake for some time without much success. For nearly a year I had been walking the banks of this huge pit looking for a sign but to no avail. We had been […]

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The Stanwick Lakes complex holds one or two gems, that our very own Lee Walters has been pursuing this year, particularly on the Roman Syndicate. A few days ago he took a trip down there and had an absolutely awesome result! Whilst using our Prototype Hardhookers, on blowback rigs, coupled with small bags of KSC […]

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The Big Girl Makes A Mistake by Joe Warwick

I have been fishing a low stocked lake of about 3 acres and it’s most definitely the hardest lake I’ve ever set about fishing. I was drawn to it from the day I heard of what lurks in the depths of this little gem. The lake is rumoured to have around 25 to 30 carp […]

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28-4-15 Richard Brown 24lb 5oz KSC Snowman 2


It looks like the Bramblemere fish have taken a liking to our KSC as Richard Brown was the latest angler to bank some of the stunning residents the reside in the venue. Managing to bank 3 lovely fish over his session up to an irrelevant 24lb 5oz, all fish falling to KSC snowman presentation, Richard […]

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26-4-15 Daley Horner 1


A few of the Xcel Team Members went for a trip to Bramblemere in hope of tripping up one or two of the cracking old originals that reside in the stunning venue. Daley Horner managing to do just that by banking 3 fish to 21lb but the sizes were irrelevant when it comes to stunners […]

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After his brothers result over at Rainbow lakes last weekend Dale Walters wasn’t to be left in his shadows so planned a trip to his Syndicate water Gingerbread. Targeting a bed of silkweed at 45 yards his 16mm Critically balanced VNF Pop Up was gobbled up by a greedy little Common but after freshening up […]

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6-5-14 Dave Dawson 28lb 10oz Leather KSC


Dave Dawson arrived down at his chosen venue to find it very busy, with a choice of two swims left to pick from. Dave got around a kilo of glugged KSC Food Source bait out over his spots with the stick and offered a pink KSC Fluoro on a stiff combi rig, to combat the […]

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Fishing shouldn’t be about numbers but when a fish is over 50 years old and hasn’t seen the bank for nearly 2 years, we think you would agree the numbers in question mean a hell of a lot. Team Member Tom White has done it again, this time in the shape of this truly amazing […]

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23-3-15 Matt Miller 37lb 1oz KSC Wafter


Matt Miller had a right result on a very low stocked pit, just doing short 4 hour sessions over the winter period he has managed to bank the lakes largest resident in the shape of this stunning carp at 37lb 1oz. KSC wafter over a bed of particle was the downfall of this truly stunning […]

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A special rare moment

Spring Eclipse Success by Tom White

  The morning frosts throughout last week had less crunch to them and the sun had more and more pep to it everyday, shining seductively through the van windows on my way to work making the buzz increase daily leading up to the weekend session ahead. With this in mind I had packed the 9ft […]

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Team member Ashley Irvine got out for a session on the well known Greenacres Fishery and managed to winkle a nice trio of fish out. Offering White 16mm Xcelerate pop ups, fished on stiff hinge rigs over a bed of KSC and VNF Food Source Freezer bait, it wasn’t long before they showed up, topped […]

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21-3-15 Nick Oliver 27lb 9oz VNF- Xcelerate


Nick Oliver got out for 48hrs on his Herefordshire Syndicate and opted to bait with a light scattering of mixed 16mm KSC & VNF Food Source Freezer baits over his preferred spot. He then offered up a VNF/Xcelerate Snowman arrangement as his hook bait, to take this absolutely stunning 27lb 9oz Fully Scaled Mirror.  

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Jamie Harris 30lb VNF Cleaned


Jamie Harris didn’t have to wait long to get off the mark after receiving his first batch of VNF. Jamie headed out for a day session and his rods where only in the water for an hour when this cracking 30lb Mirror took a liking to his VNF hookbait.

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