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2-5-15 Tom Jones 26lb 4oz VNF Pink Snowman Return

Thomas Finch-Jones

Name: Thomas Finch-Jones Age: 17 Hometown: Birmingham UK P.B Mirror: 36.4 UK P.B Common: 20.4 Foreign: N/A Occupation: Greens keeper Current Venues: Horseshoe Lake Lechlade Past Venues: Kingsbury water park, Bishops Bowl fishery ,linear fisheries, Earls wood lakes Favourite Venue: Kingsbury water park / horseshoe lake lechlade Time spent on the bank: as much as […]

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22-12-14 Dan Thornett 26lb 9oz VNF

Dan Thornett

Name: Dan Thornett Age: 17 Hometown: Maldon, Essex UK P.B Mirror: 27 UK P.B Common: 25.8 Foreign: n/a Current Venues: club lakes but mainly rivers Past Venues: C.A.P.S                              Favourite Venue: My local river Time spent on the bank: 20-48hr a week, more during college holidays. Angling history: carp fishing for 2 and a half […]

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Harry Sandercock

Name: Harry Sandercock Age: 16 Hometown: Burgess Hill UK P.B Mirror: 28lb 8oz UK P.B Common: 24lb Foreign: n/a Occupation: Student Current Venues: More House Past Venues: Wintons, Wylands, Framfield, Passies, Private esate lake. Favorite Venue: More House  Time spent on the bank: I will aim to go out most weeks anything from a short […]

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20-5-15 Teddy Nelson

Teddy Nelson

Name: Teddy Nelson Age: 14 Hometown: Eltham UK P.B: Common 28lb 4oz Foreign: N/A Occupation: School student Current Venues: Brookland lakes various park lakes Past Venues: Keston ponds Danson park anglers paradise Elphicks fisheries Favourite Venue: A park lake in Sidcup Time spent on the bank: As often as possible Angling History: My angling adventure […]

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Adam May_edited-1

Adam May

Name: Adam May  UK P.B:20.8 Foreign:N/A Time spent on the bank: As much as possible, I try to at least get out once a week. Current venues: DDAPS, Dartford & District Angling & Preservation Society and a local park lake. Angling History:I started fishing aged 8 in Jupilles, France. There were two lakes belonging to […]

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