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Queen Of The Pond by James Sonfield

Well I’m halfway through my second season on a very intimate pit tucked away in Cambridgeshire, the pit had been on my radar for a very long time as I lived just a stones throw away. It was January 2015 when I finally got in touch with the owner who invited me down to take […]

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Spring Sightings by Tom White (Part 2)

It was now the third night after work and I had the rods with me, buzzing with anticipation, as I always am after a successful prime up of a new, good looking spot. Driving to the lake and then creeping to the swim through the old trees in the silent, fresh springtime night air, the […]

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A Lovely old carp! Just what I needed

Spring Sightings by Tom White (Part 1)

After a slow start to my angling this year I have been lucky enough to get into a few very rarely caught, prehistoric looking Leney’s. So I thought I would share some of these special spring captures and how they came about.The fishing had been slow with only a handful of fish coming out from […]

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Josh Goddard Lonng Common Water

Club Lake Campaign by Josh Goddard

Whilst having fished on the club lake complex a few years back I got to know through friends of a particular fish that resided in a small, deep, intimate lake that only had 6 other residents. With anglers in abundance and an average depth of 20ft, it has a large unfishable sanctuary of weed in […]

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P1050345_kindlephoto-75773092 (2)

The Cork Ball Kits by Dan George

In an age where pop ups are a huge part of an anglers approach, with the chod and hinge rig being many people’s first choice (myself included) this is mainly due to their fish anywhere rights and hooking properties. The mechanics in these rigs rely solely on the buoyancy of the pop up. Now I […]

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Ryan 15

Bonnet De Deuche‏ by Ryan King

To say I was excited before the trip would of been a huge understatement, me and Adam had been frantically calling messaging finalising all the bits and bobs usually involved in a trip to France, the draw had been done already as a few where arriving on sun and we all decided a blind draw […]

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Never Ever Give Up

Cassien The Return by Damian Lyles & John Croft

  The session started Sunday at 14:30 on April 17th.  We set off on our mammoth 1000m journey to the south of France.  John and I were screaming like kids as soon as we were out of eye and ear shot of our wives who had been waving us off.  We were Cassien bound for […]

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black common

My own tale of the Black Common By Tom White

One of my most memorable captures, of one of the most imposing of characters and a bit of an enigma locally now.. My own tale of the Black Common. It was a warm late summer’s day in September and I had just rolled through the field side car park in my old fiesta van. As I drew up into the empty grass car park, I […]

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One Hell Of A Red Letter Day by Alex Furnell

After finishing work early on a Friday afternoon I was eager to get to my syndicate lake New Forest Waterpark. After getting an update from a mate, ash, I knew that several of the busy swims were already taken and a lump had been out the previous night. I popped into Ringwood Tackle for some […]

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The Secret Lake by Ashley Irvine

Well I don’t really know where to start, but here it goes… My good friend Josh and I had been fishing the secret lake for some time without much success. For nearly a year I had been walking the banks of this huge pit looking for a sign but to no avail. We had been […]

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I was frozen to the spot waiting for his confirmation.

Frozen Dreams Of A Winter Whacker by Tom White

I have been asked to put a little piece together for the Xcelbaits website of an account of how I came about catching one of the most memorable old carp I have ever been lucky enough to see let alone hold. And being a winter capture it now seems a good time as any just […]

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image3 (9)

Why Winter? By Ryan King

When many anglers think of winter they come up with 2 alternatives, first one is get the pike gear out (which for me just don’t float my boat) and second option is clean all the gear stick it in the garage (this for me means cleaning my gear which also don’t really do it for […]

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15-9-15 Adam Webster 30lb 8oz KSG

Why Xcel by Adam Webster

Well I feel it’s time to share the love and maybe a few little secrets that I have discovered over the past year or so. (I am rubbish at keeping secrets) Everyone has their own passion when it comes to fishing, some have to have the latest rods and reels, others have a strange obsession […]

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Target Down by Ashley Irvine

It goes without saying I think the carp gods are well on my side this year! And things just keep getting better as the year go’s on. I’ve been  doing my quick overnighters all summer fishing from 19:00 till half 5 before work most Mondays and Thursdays. I’m not going to lie its been hard […]

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The Big Girl Makes A Mistake by Joe Warwick

I have been fishing a low stocked lake of about 3 acres and it’s most definitely the hardest lake I’ve ever set about fishing. I was drawn to it from the day I heard of what lurks in the depths of this little gem. The lake is rumoured to have around 25 to 30 carp […]

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