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Queen Of The Pond by James Sonfield

Well I’m halfway through my second season on a very intimate pit tucked away in Cambridgeshire, the pit had been on my radar for a very long time as I lived just a stones throw away. It was January 2015 when I finally got in touch with the owner who invited me down to take […]

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Spring Sightings by Tom White (Part 2)

It was now the third night after work and I had the rods with me, buzzing with anticipation, as I always am after a successful prime up of a new, good looking spot. Driving to the lake and then creeping to the swim through the old trees in the silent, fresh springtime night air, the […]

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A Lovely old carp! Just what I needed

Spring Sightings by Tom White (Part 1)

After a slow start to my angling this year I have been lucky enough to get into a few very rarely caught, prehistoric looking Leney’s. So I thought I would share some of these special spring captures and how they came about.The fishing had been slow with only a handful of fish coming out from […]

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Andy Phillips

Name: Andy Phillips Age: 50 Hometown: Sidcup UK P.B Mirror: 39lb 2oz UK P.B Common: 39lb 12oz Foreign: 37lb Occupation: Director of below the surface angling services ltd. Current Venues: Horton Complex (as from april) Various dayticket waters Past Venues: Southmere syndicate, Darenth Big Lake, Horton kirby plus various day ticket waters, park lakes. Favourite […]

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16-8-14 Simon Bignal Xcelerate-VNF 40lb 15oz PB

Simon Bignal

Hometown: Northampton UK PB Mirror: 38lb 4oz UK PB Common: 40lb 15oz Foreign PB: N/A Occupation: Builder Current Venue: N/A Past Venues: Duston Reservoir, Monks Pit, Grand Union Canal, Ecton Lakes and various day ticket waters. Favourite Venue: Duston Reservoir Time Spent On The Bank: As often as I can! Angling History: I was introduced to angling as a young boy by my grandad, fishing […]

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David Dawson

Name:David (Red Dave) Dawson Age:41 Hometown:Red Lodge UK P.B Mirror:38lb 11oz UK P.B Common:32lb 1oz Foreign:41lb 1oz Occupation:Predatory Fish Importer Current Venues:Boa lake,Hasse Fen, Highbridge Fisheries. Past Venues:Few are Nar valley. St Ives Complex. Woolpack 5,6,7,8. Favourite Venue: Suffolk Sater Park. Time spent on the bank: Aim for most weekends. Angling history: I started sea fishing at the age of 9 […]

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Ryan King 35

Ryan King

Name:Ryan King Age:36 Hometown:Harefield UK P.B Mirror:35.8lb UK P.B Common:41.8lb Foreign:60.4lb Occupation: Firefighter Current Venues:Mets/park lake Past Venues:Acky, Pit 1,Pit 2, Pit 3, Rowley farm, canal, Thames, Manor Farm, all of linear fisheries, few park lakes, Abbey, Lesmont, Redmill, Thorney Weir and Mets. Favourite Venue: TBC Time spent on the bank: these days lucky to get one sesh […]

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Gavin Rotchell 56lb VNF Wafter

Gavin Rotchell

Hometown:  Harwich, Essex UK PB Mirror: 36lb 12oz UK PB Common: 32lb 12oz Foreign PB: 56lb Current Venue: Cleverley Brakes pit and a private little syndicate   Past Venues: Kelvidon Caps, Fryerning Match Pit & day tickets all over Favourite Venue: Fryerning Match Pit Time Spent On The Bank: As often as I can! Angling History: My angling over the last x amount of […]

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29-4-14 Dale Glover  30-10 Straw & Cream wafter

Dale Glover

Hometown: Leicestershire UK PB Mirror: 39lb 8oz UK PB Common: 39lb 7oz Foreign PB: N/A Occupation: Painter & Decorator Current Venue: Guys Syndicate Past Venues: Horseshore, Linear complex, Leicestershire and Warwickshire stillwaters Favourite Venue: Linear Complex (Guys Lake) Time Spent On The Bank: 2 x 3 day sessions per month Angling History: I started fishing with my father on the midlands canals from the age […]

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 Ashley Irvine 29lb KSC Willington

Ashley Irvine

Age: 30 Uk P.B Mirror: 42lb 12oz Uk P.B Common: 41lb 7oz Occupation: Forklift Truck Driver Current Venues: Secret lake, Shefford district angling club waters.   Past Venues: Blunham angling club, Luton angling club Favourite Venue: Secret lake Time spent on the bank: Loads of time at least 1 24 hour session and a couple of days in the week for few hours […]

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Rich Murkin 31lb VNF

Rich Murkin

Hometown: Wakefield UK PB Mirror: 38lb 11oz UK PB Common: 28lb 1oz Foreign PB: N/A Occupation: Courier   Current Venue:Local Estate lake,Willows, Cromwell,Bluebell Past Venues: Loads ranging from local day tickets to Sandhurst, Linear, Bayeswater, Horseshoe, etC Favourite Venue: The estate lake I’m targeting at the moment just because of the history and low stock making the captures very special. Time Spent On […]

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Daley Reece Horner 31-8 KSC PB

Daley Reece Horner

Name: Daley Reece Horner  Age: 24 Hometown: Sheffield UK P.B Mirror: 36lb 15oz UK P.B Common: 29lb 6oz Foreign: N/A Occupation: Builder Current Venues: Ravenfield complex. Pebbley Reservoir  and a few secret waters Past Venues: Mainly day ticket venues Favourite Venue: Thorny Weir Mets Time spent on the bank: 24 to 48 hours a week. Angling history: started […]

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Even Profile Pic

Evan Clements

Name: Evan Clements Age:36 Hometown: Button moon UK P.B Mirror:36lb 12oz UK P.B Common:45lb 10oz Foreign:N/A Occupation: Joiner Current Venues: It’s a secret Past Venues: They are secret too Favourite Venue: Somewhere we I can get lost and not see another human in sight. Time spent on the bank: 1-2 nights a week Angling history: Started angling at 6/7 years old fishing brooks […]

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Mike Townsend

Name: Mike Townsend Hometown: Northamptonshire UK PB Mirror: 47lb 11oz UK PB Common: 38lb Foreign PB: 56lb   Occupation:Self Employed Current Venue:Nene Valley Pits Past Venues:Ecton Lakes, River Nene, Nene Valley Pits Favourite Venue: Anywhere away from the crowds Time Spent On The Bank: 48 Hours a week Angling History: I started general coarse fishing […]

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Tony Delaney 41lb Cassien VNF

Tony Delaney

Hometown: Dewsbury UK PB Mirror: 38lb 00oz UK PB Common: 33lb 00oz Foreign PB: 48lb 00oz Occupation:Mental Health Support Worker Current Venue: Everglades, Clearwater, Lac du St Cassien Past Venues: Salagou, Embalse de Chira, Lake Raduta, Lac du St Cassien & too many English waters to mention. Favourite Venue: Lac du St Cassien Time Spent […]

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