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Andy Phillips

Name: Andy Phillips Age: 50 Hometown: Sidcup UK P.B Mirror: 39lb 2oz UK P.B Common: 39lb 12oz Foreign: 37lb Occupation: Director of below the surface angling services ltd. Current Venues: Horton Complex (as from april) Various dayticket waters Past Venues: Southmere syndicate, Darenth Big Lake, Horton kirby plus various day ticket waters, park lakes. Favourite […]

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16-8-14 Simon Bignal Xcelerate-VNF 40lb 15oz PB

Simon Bignal

Hometown: Northampton UK PB Mirror: 38lb 4oz UK PB Common: 40lb 15oz Foreign PB: N/A Occupation: Builder Current Venue: N/A Past Venues: Duston Reservoir, Monks Pit, Grand Union Canal, Ecton Lakes and various day ticket waters. Favourite Venue: Duston Reservoir Time Spent On The Bank: As often as I can! Angling History: I was introduced to angling as a young boy by my grandad, fishing […]

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David Dawson

Name:David (Red Dave) Dawson Age:41 Hometown:Red Lodge UK P.B Mirror:38lb 11oz UK P.B Common:32lb 1oz Foreign:41lb 1oz Occupation:Predatory Fish Importer Current Venues:Boa lake,Hasse Fen, Highbridge Fisheries. Past Venues:Few are Nar valley. St Ives Complex. Woolpack 5,6,7,8. Favourite Venue: Suffolk Sater Park. Time spent on the bank: Aim for most weekends. Angling history: I started sea fishing at the age of 9 […]

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Ryan King 35

Ryan King

Name:Ryan King Age:36 Hometown:Harefield UK P.B Mirror:35.8lb UK P.B Common:41.8lb Foreign:60.4lb Occupation: Firefighter Current Venues:Mets/park lake Past Venues:Acky, Pit 1,Pit 2, Pit 3, Rowley farm, canal, Thames, Manor Farm, all of linear fisheries, few park lakes, Abbey, Lesmont, Redmill, Thorney Weir and Mets. Favourite Venue: TBC Time spent on the bank: these days lucky to get one sesh […]

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Gavin Rotchell 56lb VNF Wafter

Gavin Rotchell

Hometown:  Harwich, Essex UK PB Mirror: 36lb 12oz UK PB Common: 32lb 12oz Foreign PB: 56lb Current Venue: Cleverley Brakes pit and a private little syndicate   Past Venues: Kelvidon Caps, Fryerning Match Pit & day tickets all over Favourite Venue: Fryerning Match Pit Time Spent On The Bank: As often as I can! Angling History: My angling over the last x amount of […]

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29-4-14 Dale Glover  30-10 Straw & Cream wafter

Dale Glover

Hometown: Leicestershire UK PB Mirror: 39lb 8oz UK PB Common: 39lb 7oz Foreign PB: N/A Occupation: Painter & Decorator Current Venue: Guys Syndicate Past Venues: Horseshore, Linear complex, Leicestershire and Warwickshire stillwaters Favourite Venue: Linear Complex (Guys Lake) Time Spent On The Bank: 2 x 3 day sessions per month Angling History: I started fishing with my father on the midlands canals from the age […]

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 Ashley Irvine 29lb KSC Willington

Ashley Irvine

Age: 30 Uk P.B Mirror: 42lb 12oz Uk P.B Common: 41lb 7oz Occupation: Forklift Truck Driver Current Venues: Secret lake, Shefford district angling club waters.   Past Venues: Blunham angling club, Luton angling club Favourite Venue: Secret lake Time spent on the bank: Loads of time at least 1 24 hour session and a couple of days in the week for few hours […]

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Rich Murkin 31lb VNF

Rich Murkin

Hometown: Wakefield UK PB Mirror: 38lb 11oz UK PB Common: 28lb 1oz Foreign PB: N/A Occupation: Courier   Current Venue:Local Estate lake,Willows, Cromwell,Bluebell Past Venues: Loads ranging from local day tickets to Sandhurst, Linear, Bayeswater, Horseshoe, etC Favourite Venue: The estate lake I’m targeting at the moment just because of the history and low stock making the captures very special. Time Spent On […]

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Daley Reece Horner 31-8 KSC PB

Daley Reece Horner

Name: Daley Reece Horner  Age: 24 Hometown: Sheffield UK P.B Mirror: 36lb 15oz UK P.B Common: 29lb 6oz Foreign: N/A Occupation: Builder Current Venues: Ravenfield complex. Pebbley Reservoir  and a few secret waters Past Venues: Mainly day ticket venues Favourite Venue: Thorny Weir Mets Time spent on the bank: 24 to 48 hours a week. Angling history: started […]

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Mike Townsend

Name: Mike Townsend Hometown: Northamptonshire UK PB Mirror: 47lb 11oz UK PB Common: 38lb Foreign PB: 56lb   Occupation:Self Employed Current Venue:Nene Valley Pits Past Venues:Ecton Lakes, River Nene, Nene Valley Pits Favourite Venue: Anywhere away from the crowds Time Spent On The Bank: 48 Hours a week Angling History: I started general coarse fishing […]

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Tony Delaney 41lb Cassien VNF

Tony Delaney

Hometown: Dewsbury UK PB Mirror: 38lb 00oz UK PB Common: 33lb 00oz Foreign PB: 48lb 00oz Occupation:Mental Health Support Worker Current Venue: Everglades, Clearwater, Lac du St Cassien Past Venues: Salagou, Embalse de Chira, Lake Raduta, Lac du St Cassien & too many English waters to mention. Favourite Venue: Lac du St Cassien Time Spent […]

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A Session On Unity by Dale Glover

Coming off the back of what I could say is one of my angling highlights, with good friend and fellow carp angler Richard Adams when Rich had just landed his U.K P.B and in the moment of looking at it in the net I received a run to go on and land a 30+ common! […]

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